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In the financial, gastronomic and cultural center of CDMX we offer an unbeatable location. Between vintage and avant-garde, our boutique hotel in CDMX represents the lineage; reflects the blend and heritage of European families with Mexican culture.

In the heart of the neighborhood “where everything happens”, Polanco is the area where you want to be. In this hotel you will find luxury in every detail; an oasis in homage to the Mesoamerican god Quetzalcóatl, holistically inspired without forgetting the main principles of privacy, luxury and warmth.

Oaxaca is a unique enclave in the world, the melting pot of cultures that have inhabited this land makes the city a continuous party and our hotel an artistic haven. This boutique hotel is a tribute to the Zapotec and Mixtec cultures through muralism. We invite you to live a gastronomic, mystical and cultural experience in the heart of the historical center of Oaxaca.

Casa Pug Seal

Coyoacán · MEXICO CITY

Whole-house lodging with Airbnb
Located in the historic center of Coyoacan, Mexico City. Casa Pug Seal opens its doors for anyone looking for a break and getaway within the city, whether with family or friends, rent this entire private house that exudes Mexican creativity.
The house has 07 rooms with private bathrooms, a large kitchen, two dining rooms, three living rooms, private terraces, outdoor private garden with heated pool and barbecue grill.



Micro enormus

Night (Rooms are subject to availability) + Relaxing Massage + Gourmet Breakfast

  • $ 5,700 MXN 1 PERSON
  • $ 7,000 MXN 2 PERSONS

Night (Rooms are subject to availability) + Dinner for two (Dante Brasa y Fuego) + Bottle of Wine & Pug Seal Menu + Gourmet Breakfast

  • $ 6,000 MXN 2 PERSONS

Night (Rooms are subject to availability) + Natural Bath Kit + Bottle of Wine + Gourmet Breakfast

  • $ 5,800 MXN 1-2 PERSONS



Micro enormous

Inmersive & multisensorial theatrical experience.